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Pictures of wildlife on Haynes Hunting Game Ranch

  • Always plenty of newborns here. Several doe give birth to twins here and triplets at times
  • We only use silent battery machines to get around on property
  • We have plenty of 180-220 pound bucks here!
  • We have lot of perfect racked 8 points here that we have watched turn into 10 and 12 points
  • We have plenty of the big coyotes around. We pay you $20 a pop when you kill a coyote, fox, hog or bobcat! You keep the animal if you want to mount it.
  • New bucks from National Forest ad timber company land show up many times on our cameras
  • Big boy crossed the creek
  • Big boy came off a hill
  • Always lota new young bucks
  • They DO show up in daylight at times, chasing, checking scrapes and getting back to bedding area
  • Here are a couple hitting one of our 7 small greenfields
  • We let these grow to become super nice bucks
  • We are covered in mature gobblers. We have several with double beards and some "beard ground draggers"
  • Her first buck!
  • Looks like brothers in velvet in late August
  • This guy still has his antlers in March and we knew he bedded on top of a hill about this spent green field, as the sun bleached his antlers
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                                            Haynes Hunting Game Ranch

 We own and run our ranch to provide a BIG TIME FUN HUNTING experience! Many have purchased products from Hayneshunting.com or met Rusty Haynes at deer expo’s over the years. Limited hunting “vacations” are now being hosted on our awesome game ranch.

 This is FREE RANGE DEER HUNTING. We do not need to bait the wildlife because the land is 85% hardwoods. We have a myriad of red oak species acorns, along with pin oak, beech nut, walnut and the beloved white oak acorns. We even have fox squirrels here.

                                             OPTIONS: DEER hunting (prices below)

1. 3-day fall-winter hunting package

2. 7-day fall-winter hunting package with optional fishing

                                            OPTIONS: TURKEY hunting (prices below)

1. 3-day spring hunting package

2. 7-day spring hunting package


We are located in famous Talladega County, Alabama

Alabama deer hunting consist of Zones, A, B, C, D, and E.

We are in Zone A.

Alabama turkey hunting consist of Zones 1, 2, and 3.

We are in Zone 3. (Only 6 Alabama counties allow fall turkey hunting)

Our fall/winter turkey season is from Nov 19 thru Nov 27 and Dec 10 thru Jan 1

Bag limits are 1 gobbler per day and a total of 4 gobblers during spring and fall, combined.

DEER SEASON 2022-2023

Our Zone A. Archery season starts October 15th 2022 and closes February 10th 2023.

We are blessed with a long archery deer season.

Since we have privately owned land, Rifle season starts November 10th 2022 and ends February 10th 2023.


Our Zone 3. Shotgun spring turkey season starts March 25th and closes May 8th

We are blessed to have a fall season


Our land is roughly 200 acres and divided into two sections. The top section is around 100 acres and Archery only for the entire season. October 15th through February 10th.  Our bottom section is around 100 acres where a nice creek comes through. It is archery hunting only as well, until the mature rutting bucks usually begin. Then, we allow rifle, slug shotgun or black powder on the bottom section of the land, from December 1st 2022 through February 10th 2023. However, you may Archery hunt only in the bottom section with a reduced fee. Archery hunting is real hunting!  Deer stay “un-spoked.” Crossbows are allowed. We desire to always keep half the land for bow hunters that do not want to hear rifle blast.

Our “bottom” section has a long border to 800 acres of timber company land and 324,000 ACRES of Talladega National Forest. Seriously. No one can get to our place from the National Forest because of rough, hilly terrain and ATV’s aren’t allowed in the National Forest.


Located 20 miles from us. This is an AWESOME place of wildlife and huge whitetail bucks. If you get our 7-day package, you can hunt here a few days and travel to hunt in Hollins and come back here to sleep and eat.


Not that we need it, but we do plant 7 separate “postage stamp” size green fields that keep plenty of local deer coming to them, just in case the acorn crop has a year of weak yield. We want the girls here when the big smart bucks come to our land from the timber company and National Forest acres. Even if that big buck does not show up for you, at least you can watch deer in a green field or in an oak flat. You will pretty much see turkeys often.

WE PAY YOU $20 A POP FOR ANY OF THE PREDATORS BELOW THAT YOU KILL HERE! Predators listed below. That's right, some people charge to hunt hogs, we pay you to kill them.


The National Forest does have hogs and some bear have been seen there. We have started to see hog tracks and a couple hogs last fall on cameras. You are free to shoot them. We hope you do. They make great sausage. NO BAG LIMIT, even for non-resident hunters


We have plenty of these. We have some as big as German Shepherds. NO BAG LIMIT, even for non-resident hunters


We have plenty of these too. Some are huge. NO BAG LIMIT, even for non-resident hunters


We have beaucoup of fox too. A few red, mostly grey fox. They are big here too. NO BAG LIMIT, even for non-resident hunters


Beware! We do have Timber rattlers, Eastern diamondback, Cottonmouths, Copperheads and a host of other, Mr. No Shoulders. WEAR YOU SNAKE CHAPS until we have our first frost, which can come as early as November or as late as mid-December. We are in deep southeastern Alabama, an hour away from Auburn Alabama.  Winters can be mild but when it gets cold, it is a DAMP, to-your-bones-cold. Our winters can get wet too.


Turkeys are everywhere here. Because of turkey surplus, we have a fall turkey season here, very rare, in only 6 Alabama counties. You can take a gobbler if it is during the two designated legal fall periods. They even strut here in the fall because we have so many gobblers.


Our typical mature deer are BIG BODIED. Even our young basket rack bucks are fat, super healthy. Doe deer get large too. Many 200 pound-plus bucks exist here.

It is not just the acorns. We are in the “Marble Belt.”  We are in the 300 odd mile area that is known for the purest white marble in the world. The water is foamy white because of the calcium carbonate and other minerals the water contains.

We are known for the “kidney stone capital of the world” because of it. Apparently, it only helps the deer. We witness deer many times licking the marble on top of the ground and digging marble to the surface. Hayneshunting.com sells a mixture of this on the web site, called Whitetail Wonder 96. You are welcome to any piece of marble you find on the surface of the ground as a cool souvenir. It’s all over the place.


If you have ordered and read the book from Hayneshunting.com “Where Did The Deer Go?”, written by Russell (Rusty) Haynes, you will understand how unique Alabama is as far as mating times. Alabama is said to have 8 different ruts!  We have such a large amount of imported deer that survived from several states in past decades, that we have mating from October until April. It’s crazy. But the biggest majority in this zone heat up BIG TIME in early January to April! Of course, the most mature bucks will stick their neck out in pre-rut periods in mid November to mid December, starting scrapes and rubs start to appear. In October, the deer are not nocturnal and a hunter can get lucky. From Thanksgiving onward, deer start getting very nocturnal and you have to catch a buck at EARLY dawn sneaking back to his bed. Our 60 game cameras have taught us all we need to know the last four years as we have watched bucks grow antlers.


We have 14, 20ft COMFORTABLE, ladder stands, or you may bring your own portable climber or ground blinds and place them where you wish. We try to be easy to get along with and let you pick set up spots. Hunting should be fun and get you away from the stresses of the day.


We are not fancy here! The hunting place is what is great, the facilities are practical.

We have a nice RV with electricity and hot water and of course, heat and air. It sleeps 3 to 4 people. We have new Tracker EV IS and Ezgo S4 EV to take you where you decide to go.

We travel in silence!

There are several good eating places only one to five miles from here. Even though we are deep and wild woods, we are merely off the U.S. Hwy 280 East interstate, about 2 miles. We are about an hour from Auburn University. War Eagle! You may wish to see an Auburn home game if you are here on a Saturday, as tickets are usually available at the gate or pre-order online. Here is a list of the 2022 Auburn Tiger home game dates: during hunting season.  Oct 29 Arkansas, Nov 12 Texas A&M, Nov 19 Western Kentucky,


A very good hospital is only three miles from us. In case you see one of our huge bucks and you have a heart attack. Please don’t do that. If you get big buck fever, we also have a “nervous hospital” here.


On 3 day hunts you can take a buck and a doe. Buck must be at least 8 points and past the ears. Doe needs to be a decent size. No babies! We will not fine you for a mistake, we just can’t allow you back again. We have put a lot of time and money in this place. You can take 1 turkey if it is during the two fall turkey periods. Gobblers only.

One 7 day hunts you can take a buck and a doe. Buck must be at least 8 points and past the ears. But you can take 2 turkeys if it is during the two fall turkey periods. Gobblers only. 7-day hunts include fishing, if you wish. So, if you get a big buck early, you can try to get a doe or gobbler or you can fish at the 180 acre Lake Howard using our 14 ft fiberglass boat


 Alabama is very kind to non-resident hunters.  You can purchase annual license for $350.15 starting 8/22/2022 and valid from SEPT 1st 2022 thru AUGUST 31st 2023. This is an “all-game” species. These species include deer and turkey, but gobblers only


10 day non-resident deer $216.20

3 day   non-resident deer $152.55 



7 day Archery only during October 15th 2022 thru December 1st 2022 

$ 2000  Rain or shine

Hunt any part of the 200 acres

3 day Archery during October 15th 2022 thru December 1st 2022

$ 800 Rain or shine

Hunt any part of the 200 acres


7 day Archery during December 2nd 2022 through January 15th 2023

$ 2500 Rain or shine

Hunt any part of the 200 acres

3 day Archery during December 2nd 2022 through January 15th 2023

$ 1300 Rain or shine

Hunt any part of the 200 acres

WE STOP ALL ARCHERY AFTER January 15th for the hunters that wish to use the rifle, shotgun slug or black powder package below as the fierce part of the head-on-a-swivel-rut is on for the rest of the hunting season. It can start late December, but our 60 game cameras have told us the last 4 years that January 10th through the end of the season is the craziest.

 7-day Rifle or Shotgun Slug or Black powder

January 15th 2022 through February 10th 2023

$ 4000 Rain or shine

Hunting the bottom part of the 200 acres is your best bet (next to Nat Forest and Timber Company Lands)

3 day Rifle or Shotgun Slug or Black Powder

January 15th 2022 through February 10th 2023

$ 2500 Rain or shine

Hunting the bottom part of the 200 acres is your best bet (next to Nat Forest and Timber Company Lands)


RATE REDUCTION: You can deduct $50 a day if you like more privacy and choose to stay at a motel. You can eat an early breakfast at the Huddle House or Mama Rees nearby. There are a couple of very reasonable motels only 5 miles from us.

 LAKE HOWARD: Included in any 7-day package, if you desire to take a break from hunting and wish to fish, we keep a 14 ft fiberglass boat with 8 HP Honda motor and trolling motor stationed in a covered boat slip at Lake Howard, only a few miles from us. Matter of fact, the same creek on our property (Cooked Creek) runs to Lake Howard.

With approximately 180 acres, Lake Howard borders the Talladega National Forest, with some of the most pristine scenery in the state.  There is an abundance of game fish, including bass, bream, and crappie, or you may try your hand at catfishing.  This area is subject to the State of Alabama hunting and fishing regulations. Open Tuesday through Sunday.

The Sylaward Trail inside Lake Howard is a 15-mile (24 km) hiking and mountain-biking trail. A fourteen plus mile bike and hiking trail winds through the Talladega National Forest with multiple loops for long and short walks and bike rides. The trail is a somewhat level surface with enough hills to make it interesting. The views and wildlife opportunities are numerous. You can’t believe you are just outside the city limits of Sylacauga.


 We understand people get sick, emergencies come up, accidents, etc.

As long as we get a 12-hour notice, we will refund your deposit cheerfully. After the 12-hour period we will not refund the deposit as it can cause us to lose some people that wish to come and they may not get another time period they can come.


25% of the package you choose. We can take Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Paypal. We do not take American Express. Personal, company or cashier’s check must be in 10 days before you arrive so they will have time to clear the bank. Pay the balance when you arrive at the Ranch

FINALLY: This is free range whitetails. During January and February, we see monster bucks on camera we have not seen all year and many times never seen before at all. Many game camera shots are at night but many are in broad daylight, at any time of day. During the heavy rutting period you must keep your head on a swivel here. That is why we only allow only one doe killed, because they come from 1,000’s of acres away to our doe. If you will just be patient here and watch the doe, many times bucks will show up. Deer here don’t hear ATV’s on our trails unless we have to get it out to get a deer you wounded that goes down in one of our deep ravines. So, try to hit the deer in the right area. You may see 10 or more deer in a day and you may see zero. It is Alabama hunting, not baited deer in south Texas.

 We will not allow more than 4 hunters at one time in the RV so we book up fast. Our goal is to find nice folks that wish to come here yearly to enjoy what we have to offer and we will lock those people in and quit booking new hunters after that. The more hunters that lock in 7-day hunts, then the less hunters we will allow. We will never over crowd. Since Alabama offers the 10-day non-resident license, you could hunt 3 days in the huge Talladega National Forest while you are here, plus we are only a few miles from Hollins Wildlife Management hunting. It is a special place There is a deer processor only 7 miles from us and down toward Hollins

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